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Caprice Crane


Debut novelist Caprice Crane wrote her first book second, after first turning a screenplay into a book and selling the rough draft to Warner's 5 Spot imprint. She's rewriting the book, Forget About It, right now, and it will be out in 2007 (more about that later).

Then Crane made a decision: "I'm going to write
a book the way I would write a book if I set out to write a book. It wasn't just turning a screenplay into
a book. Also, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it just starting from scratch."

The recipe worked. Stupid and Contagious (May, 5 Spot) is a madcap story about record company exec Brady, who has to vacate his rent-controlled New York City apartment. That's when a little bit of Heaven comes his way -- his new neighbor Heaven Albright, former PR person, current waitress and fulltime quirky gal. They end up heading to Seattle together -- she to commemorate her idol Kurt Cobain's death, he to stalk the founder of Starbucks -- and have the requisite road trip adventures.

A bit of a Nirvana fan herself, Crane worked for seven years at the cable network MTV, producing content, music-supervising ("that's choosing the music to go underneath non-video programming") and writing. The NYU film graduate also writes screenplays, two of which are in development.

The daughter of actress Tina Louise (Ginger Grant on Gilligan's Island/Charmaine in the original Stepford Wives) and talk show host Les Crane, Crane hops between New York and L.A., "wherever I'm needed," writing like crazy wherever she hangs her hat.

On the Hollywood front, Forget About It (the film) is in the works, set to star Scarlett Johansson as a girl who fakes amnesia in order to reinvent herself. "Scarlett came to the project with two writers attached and they're doing their version," she adds. "But the producers are in touch with me and showing me drafts and asking for my input." -- Liz French

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