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Jill Sheldon

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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There's nothing more appealing than a tall, dark, sexy hero. Unless, of course, he doesn't want to be one. Noah Taylor may have a slow, knowing smile, a long, lean athletic body and killer eyes, but he also has a painful past that makes him more than a little hesitant to involve his heart in anything-especially love.

That is, until his best friend's little sister comes back into town. Having not seen Annie Laverty in ten years, Noah is more than a little shocked to find her braces and baby fat gone. More shocked still, to discover that the arsonist plaguing their small beach town seems to have a fatal sort of attraction for Annie.

Annie's fear of the unknown stalker leads her right to where Noah doesn't want her-his doorstep. And with him doing his best to resist her, and Annie doing her best to make sure he notices her, the sparks fly.

Noah's fear remained nameless. Part of it was genuine fear for Annie's safety, but a much larger part came from the fear of Annie leaving.


He tensed at her soft, musical voice behind him.

"Do you have a minute?" she asked.

God, no. If he gave her a minute, he'd give her another kiss neither of them would ever forget. "I'm busy."

Annie glanced out the window he'd been daydreaming out of and sent him a sad, whimsical smile. "I can see that."

He sighed. "What is it, Annie?"

She stepped closer, the long, clingy skirt of her dress clinging to him. "Why don't you trust me?"

He stared at her, unable to answer.

"You trusted me once."

"We were kids then."

"Tell me about your fiance."

"You're full of questions tonight, Annie."

She shrugged apologetically, not looking sorry at all. "Occupational hazard I suppose. Tell me."

"There's nothing to tell."

"Could she do laundry or cook?"

His lips twitched. "No."

"Good," she said with relief. "Why did you ditch her?"

"She asked too many questions."

I hope you enjoy Noah and Annie, and their adventure through fire and love. Look for A Time to Trust in Feb. '97, and then Charmed and Dangerous, a Bantam Loveswept under my aka of Jill Shalvis, in April '97. Happy reading! Please write to me at P.O. Box 478, Chino, CA 91708.

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