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Amanda Ashley

Genre: Anthology, Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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SUNLIGHT, MOONLIGHT, Amanda Ashley Shines In All Lights!

This is Madeline Baker, speaking to you as my alter ego, Amanda Ashley...

Sunlight, Moonlight is my own two-book anthology from Love Spell. SUNLIGHT is about an alien; MOONLIGHT is a vampire romance-two heroes for the price of one! The back cover copy says, "Two heroes as different as night and day... Two love stories as different as dawn and dusk..."

In SUNLIGHT, when a tawny, powerful stranger more perfect than any mere mortal crash-landed on earth, not even his boundless strength could help him resist the temptations of one stunning beauty. Trapped on a world not his own, tracked by enemies bent on destroying him, Micah fought to preserve his very life even as he ached to claim the love that would take him to heaven and beyond.

Instead of giving you a synopsis of my vampire tale Moonlight, here's a little "taste" of the story in hopes of whetting your appetite for more.

He was truly afraid now. The darkness seemed to grow thicker, heavier, yet even in the thick blackness he could see her face, her eyes. Red eyes, filled with an insatiable hunger and an unholy lust.

"No!" He screamed the word even as he willed his body to move, to run before it was too late. But her hand rested heavy on his chest. Just her hand, holding him down as if he had no more strength than a newborn child, and he could only lay there, the stone beneath him as cold as the grave.

She bent over him, her eyes glowing. He gasped as he felt her teeth at his throat. His heartbeat sounded like thunder in his ears. Her teeth pierced his flesh, her hands held him immobile. He felt a trickle of blood run down his neck, felt her tongue lap it up. Her touch stole his breath, his life.

He felt the weight of eternity, the loneliness of Hell, the coldness of death. And then, gradually, warmth crept back into him, and with it a sense of well-being, of strength, of life.

He opened his eyes to darkness, yet he could see clearly. The goddess Shaylyn sat on the end of the altar. Her skin was no longer pale. Her cheeks were the color of ripe peaches, her lips were as red as...blood. His blood. She regarded him through eyes that no longer glowed, but were again a deep, endless black.

"Welcome," she said. "Welcome to the world of the undead."

My next Madeline Baker book, A FEATHER IN THE WIND, will be in stores in mid-February. My next Amanda Ashley book, A DARKER DREAM, will be published in July.

Thanks for all your cards, letters, and e-mails. I really appreciate hearing from you. You can write to me at P.O. Box 1703, Whittier, CA 90609-1703 (An SASE is appreciated); or e-mail me at

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