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The Colonial Fighters


In the '90s, pop songstress Celine Dion sang "I Surrender," a searing, heartfelt ballad from one woebegone lover to another. This month, Pamela Clare writes her own Surrender, the first of
a three-book historical series from Leisure Books. Embracing love, passion, adventure and battle, this is a poignant and reverential book that hits all its high notes.

The idea for the trilogy came while Clare was researching the final book in her Kenleigh-Blakewell series. "Ride the Fire (Mar. '05, Leisure) was set in the Ohio River Valley,
during Pontiac's Rebellion in 1763," Clare says. "While researching the events of that year, I came across references to American Colonial Rangers and found them fascinating.
I wanted to tell the story of the Rangers and their contributions to the British victory in that war."

In Surrender, elite military men Iain, Morgan and Connor MacKinnon are exiled Highlanders "who came of age on the American frontier among the Muhheconneok [Mahican] people," Clare says. "They're a hybrid
of Scottish and Mahican cultures, strengths and skills."

Blending Celtic and American Indian cultures, Clare pits the brothers against a merciless British officer who strong-arms them into fighting for his own troops.

At the story's core is Iain's longing to rise above his hostile surroundings and enjoy a tranquil life with the enigmatic Lady Anne Campbell, who's just recently come to the colonies. "She finds herself facing a massacre with nothing but her own courage to keep her alive -- and fortunately for her, there are some handsome Rangers nearby," says Clare.

Morgan will be up next in the series with his love song,
a novel due out in April 2007. -- Lauren Spielberg

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