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Your hero, begins my darling husband, arching a suspicious brow as he looks up from the pages of my manuscript, is he based on me?

I hesitate, considering. There is no denying there are some distinct similarities between the hero of Surrender to a Stranger and the love of my life. Armand St. James is a powerful, handsome man of considerable stature, not unlike my husband. His hair is an ever-shifting ripple of blondes and browns, and his eyes bear an uncommon coloring that changes constantly, sometimes deepest blue, at other times an unequivocal greennot unlike my husbands. These traits enhance his remarkable ability to disguise his appearance, a talent vital to slipping in and out of courtrooms and prisons, brazenly defying the threat of capture and death as he rescues the unjustly condemned

I frown. Since the birth of our beautiful daughter Ive been up a lot during the darkest hours of the night, and although chronic sleep deprivation has dulled my general awareness, Im almost certain I would notice if the man snoring beside me were off saving people. I try to recall the previous evening, and feel relatively sure that the mound of blankets cozily ensconced in the bed as I stumbled out to warm a bottle was him. Of course there is always the possibility that my love performed great feats of courage and daring before we met. After all, he sometimes points out that his life did not actually begin on the day I came into it (at which point I am forced to correct him).

His expression deliberately casual, he puts down the manuscript and folds his arms across his chest, waiting for my response. Well?

I contemplate a little longer. My hero is far from perfect, and my husband is, well, almost perfect (most of the time). But Armand is a man of integrity and compassion, who is filled with the need to act in the face of injustice, and who
is capable of a haunting tenderness when someone touches his heart.

Not unlike my husband.

I wrap my arms around the solid breadth of his shouldersthat wonderful place where our baby has so often found comfort during a torrent of tears.

All of my heroes are based on you. My lips are barely a breath from his as I lovingly finish, Always.

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Do you really wish to sleep in the chair that much? he demanded in a tightly controlled voice.

It is not that I wish to sleep in the chair; it is that I do not wish to sleep with you! she hissed.

He was silent for a moment, as if he were somehow confused or surprised by that statement. Mademoiselle, he began in an incredulous tone, when exactly was the last time you bathed?

How dare you! spat Jacqueline.
I mean no insult, he swiftly qualified, its just that if you are worried about your precious virtue, I would like to set your mind at ease. My preference is for women who have bathed, at least sometime within the not-too-
distant past. He turned away from her and adjusted his half of the blanket over his shoulder. You may share this bed with me and rest completely assured that even if you were stark naked and willing, I would not have the slightest desire of laying a hand on you.

A mixture of humiliation and fury boiled up inside Jacqueline.

Move over, she ordered sharply.

He sighed impatiently and moved a bit to accommodate her. Jacqueline lay down and primly drew the blanket up to her chin.

It had been a long time since she had felt warm in bed. She allowed herself a muffled sigh of pleasure and unconsciously huddled closer to its source

My deepest thanks to all of you for helping to make The Witch and The Warrior such a success. It won the Aspen Gold Award and was nominated for five other awards, including Best Historical of 1998 by the Bookstores That Care and Best Historical Romantic Adventure of 1998 by Romantic Times. Demand for the book has been so great it has gone back to press seven times!

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