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Dinah McCall

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

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'I Will Survive'


"I view myself as a
survivor," says longtime author Sharon Sala, ticking off a life list that includes "two bad marriages," the loss of her sister and her father within two months of each other and two major car wrecks.

"The number two plays a big part in the events of my life," the mother of two (and grandmother of seven) continues. Sala even uses two names when she writes, her own and that of Dinah McCall. But even the resilient Sala was laid low by her most recent double loss -- the death of her fiance and her beloved Auntie within two days of each other in 2005.

Sala as McCall was halfway through writing The Survivors,
a romantic suspense about survivors of an airplane crash in the Appalachian mountains, when her fiance
fell ill. "I nursed him at home and promised him
I would never put him in a hospital." She kept her promise: Bobby died in his favorite recliner, with his head on Sala's shoulder and his family around him.

Reeling from the losses, Sala knew she couldn't finish The Survivors in time for its original publication date of September '06, but she was buoyed by her publisher's understanding and kindness. "Mira wasn't just accommodating, they were magnificent," she says. "Their only message regarding my work was, 'Take care of yourself and finish the book when you can.'"

Now just six months after its scheduled release date, Sala's 68th book makes its appearance. "I dreamed The Survivors," she says. "I dream most of
my stories from start to finish, with dialogue and
in color."

The book features a heroine with psychic abilities and the close bonds of family, two things that Sala endorses heartily.

"I believe the paranormal world exists. I've seen it," says the author, who's working on her next McCall book, tentatively titled The Healer, for Mira. "It gives me comfort to know that those I've loved and lost are never far away." -- Liz French

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