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Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

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Witchy Woman

Former Romance Author Goes Mainstream with Salem Saga

When promising up-and-comer and RITA award-winning author Megan Chance disappeared from the industry after the publication of her eighth romance in 1999, readers chalked it up as another casualty. But this month, she returns with a mainstream historical saga that's being described as "an irresistible blend of history, suspense and romance."

The story is told through the eyes of 15-year-old Charity Fowler, a lost young girl who is captivated by the arrival of her free-spirited aunt Susannah from London. As Susannah struggles to find her place amid the fractured Fowler family and 17th-century Salem society, her sensuality is too much for this repressed town to take and hysteria spirals into jeopardy and drama. Chance's hardcover debut was purchased in a high-profile deal by Warner president Jamie Raab and will likely receive plenty of notice with a splashy national ad campaign that includes spots in theNew York Times Book Review, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review and Boston Phoenix

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