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For a rejuvenating experience, step inside, the hottest beauty salon on Chicago’s south side. At Situations, customer satisfaction is a must, as we provide a service our clients can trust. We’ll indulge your desires from head to toe, and you’ll feel so at home, you won’t want to go! Get ready for a tantalizing treat, with Chauncey making passionate love to your feet. Then kick back, relax, and plan to stay awhile, as Tiffany hooks you up with the latest hairstyle. You’ll also notice Noelle, catering to the customers’ needs. How about an ice cold drink? Ooh, yes indeed! And then there’s Candace, a straight up trip, who always has the juiciest gossip. If you forget to bring a book, don’t you worry, because at Situations you’ll hear a scandalous story. It’s a jaw-dropping tale about as crazy as one can get, with everyone trying to figure out…

Whose baby is it?

Women love their hair. We’re willing to spend hours at a beauty salon just so we can strut down the street like a runway model. I’m one of those women, but it isn’t just about the talents of my stylist. Oh no! I look forward to gossiping with the women and sharing naughty stories. Beauty salons are a meeting place, a venue for social networking, and an opportunity to swap secrets. It is also the setting for Suspicions. Ooh! We all love secrets. All it takes is telling one person and before long…I know…that you know…that she knows, etc., and that’s when the drama begins.

It was during one of those monthly hair appointments while sitting under a hair dryer that I noticed a picture on the wall above the massage chair of a gorgeous man in a loin cloth, kneeling in front of a foot tub, washing a woman’s feet. That picture was so sexy, I found myself squeezing my thighs tightly together. Even before the emotion had past, I was already reaching for the small notepad I carry in my purse. I sat there thinking about Beyoncé’s song, “If I Were a Boy.” This was my chance to show a male’s point of view in a relationship. In a matter of minutes, Chauncey was born, and he became the key ingredient for a story idea that had begun to blossom. I knew all of the characters needed to somehow be connected to Situations Hair Salon in one aspect or another—a hairstylist, the owner, a manicurist, and of course, a client. After I had determined the characters, I always find one question to be answered and make that the essence of the story. In writing Suspicions, the big question was, whose baby is it?

Originally, the book was going to be called Situations, but my editor suggested Suspicions since each character was suspicious of someone else. It was a perfect fit. The rest of the story created itself. Yes. I’m serious. Every evening the characters spoke and guided me through their storylines. It was an amazing journey of suspicions and discovery with Noelle, Chauncey, Tiffany and Candace learning more than they ever wanted to know about secrets and the people who keep them.

I am currently working on a sequel to the book. At Situations, there are so many more secrets waiting to be told and sooner or later the truth will come out. And when it does, someone is going to find them in an even stickier situation.

- Sasha Campbell

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