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Sharon Sala

Book Title: SWEET BABY
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Sweet Baby

Do you remember the first time you stayed away from home? For a child, it was always a rite of passage, the first step toward adulthood that must be met without tears or pleas to go home. That was the night you went to bed without your dolly. Or maybe it was that favorite "blankie" you'd had since the day of your birth. At any rate, you had taken a giant step toward independence.

Remember how you felt when the sun came up the next day and you realized that the long night was over? Somewhere between elation that you'd survived and joy that when night came again you'd be home.

My first doll's name was Sweet Baby. She was my constant companion. I talked to her. I laughed and cried with her. I told her my secrets. Somewhere along the line, I outgrew the doll, but never the memory. In the back of my mind, Sweet Baby still lives. It was the spark that gave birth to my story of Tory Lancaster, and of the doll that became her link to recovering a part of life she'd lost.

I lived with the story of Sweet Baby for more than four years before I could write it. It wasn't because I didn't know enough about the story. It was because I wasn't ready to put a child-even a fictional one-through that much grief.

But all of that changed for me after the Oklahoma City bombing. I saw grief from every angle and children whose lives would never be the same. If I had to pick the one thing I learned from that terrible day, it was that you must live through grief or grief will not let you live.

When you read my dedication in Sweet Baby, maybe you'll understand why the story had to be told.

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