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Deborah Smith

Book Title: SWEET HUSH
Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Author's Message

How Sweet It Is

Apples are the Fruit of Love in Deborah Smith's SWEET HUSH

What would you do if your quiet life in the country was suddenly invaded by the Secret Service? That's the predicament facing Appalachian apple farmer Hush McGillen Thackery when her Harvard-attending son elopes with a fellow student—who just happens to be the President's daughter.

Author Deborah Smith's lush Southern voice accents SWEET HUSH (Little, Brown), replete with larger-than-life characters homegrown from Deborah's backyard and family secrets waiting to be uncovered. "Every fall the roadside 'apple barns' open to sell the most incredible apple goodies—everything from ripe apples fresh off the trees to homemade apple bread, apple cider, apple pies, you name it! Some of these family-run 'barns' are elaborate little theme parks with gift shops, hayrides and petting zoos. I love visiting them and have always wanted to write about a family who ran one. So I came up with Sweet Hush Farms."

The fifth Hush named after the family's famous Sweet Hush apples, Hush McGillen Thackery is no simple country girl. Smith takes great pains to show readers this larger-than-life character has weathered hard times and built
her own empire in a small Georgia town.

Now Hush wonders if her fiercely guarded privacy will be exposed with the whole world looking her way. When the news breaks, the President (think a taller Jeb Bartlett from TV's "The West Wing") sends his troubled, black sheep brother, Nick Jakobek, to be the First Daughter's protector, but from his first meeting with Hush (a haunting and strangely erotic meeting at that), it's obvious things won't be so clear-cut for this new hybrid family.

"I didn't want the President and First Family to be more interesting than the main characters," explains Deborah. "So Nick is practically a modern-day samurai and Hush is, in her own way, the president of her own small country."

It's no surprise then that a showdown between a determined First Lady (loosely based on Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton) and the equally formidable fifth Hush ends with some rotten fruit being hurled! And that's just in the first chapter…

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