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A tricky bride, a house full of siblings
and a shattered dream all come together in my newest historical, SWEETWOOD BRIDE, from Harper.

In the beautiful Appalachian coves
of East Tennessee, Eulie Toby, a desperate orphan, will do anything to find a home for her passel of younger siblingseven trick
a man into marriage.

Moss is the kind of real-man hero that
I love. He works hard, keeps his word and lives up to his responsibilities, even when they conflict with what he really wants.

Mosco Collier had never been guilty
of a crime in his life. Hed never said a
word untrue, never cheated in a poker game, never borrowed a chicken from a coop he did not own. His whole life had been lived on the straight and narrow. Nonetheless, he stood accused. He was innocent, yet he was found to be guilty. His punishment, it was determined, would be a life sentence.

Condemning eyes surrounded him.
As he stood in the Meeting House doorway,
the words were read aloud.

for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?

Moss hesitated as he stood on the pine plank steps. Through his thin summer work shirt he could feel the cool metal of a shotgun barrel between his shoulder blades.
I do, he replied.

And do you, Eula Orlean Toby, the preacher continued. Take . . .

Moss glared at the young woman. It was her word against his. What kind of woman would lie about being dishonored?

The kind to whom Moss was about
to be married.

By the power vested in me by Our Father in Heaven and the State of Ten-nessee, I pronounce you man and wife.

The shotgun was lowered from
Mosss back.

He turned to look at the face of the woman he marriedHow could he have thought her pretty? That day by Flat Rock Falls, hed actually thought her pretty. Shed been all golden hair and sweet innocence. That innocence had proved to be a mercenary ploy and her hairher hair was
just stringy blonde.

You may kiss the bride, Preacher Thompson told him.

No thanks, he replied. Thats what got me into this mess in the first place.

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