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Lorie O'Clare

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Dark and Steamy


Lorie O'Clare's prodigious output as an author surpasses 40 books, mostly erotica titles for Ellora's Cave. But when she received word that St. Martin's Press, a major New York publisher, wanted to sign her to a three-book deal, her excitement was akin to that of a first-time author.

"I'm thrilled that many more readers will be able to read my books," she says.. "When my editor called me and made a comment about Wal-Mart carrying my books I just giggled."

Giggling isn't a response that readers are likely to have when they pick up this month's steamy romantic suspense, Tall, Dark, and Deadly, however, partly because O'Clare's heroine, Grace Jordan, possesses a past so dark it's practically pitch-black. A former sex slave, she's now a South Dakota cop and single mother who gets entangled in a serial killer case -- and with sexy FBI agent Justin Reece.

What prompted her to bestow Grace with such a disturbing former life? "That's how she came," the Kansas mother replies simply. "I really don't plan out my characters as
if they were fictitious. They come to me ready-made and share their story with me. I'm simply the tool who puts it all in writing."

In fact, O'Clare sees Grace as a woman who has battled her demons and won. "'Former' is the key word," the author points out. "Years have passed since nightmares ruled her life. Today she's overcome her past, is an incredible cop and will eagerly take down anyone who abuses another person."

O'Clare's creative energy extends to the visual arts too. She also paints, and that pastime has been known to rouse her writing as well. "There are times when I sit down and paint in order to allow the characters in my head to become clear to me," O'Clare says. "I will lose hours creating a picture, often an image from a book that is still in my head. Once I put down the paintbrush I head over to the computer and again lose an hour typing as the story falls out of me."

The author says the story that fell out of her for Tall, Dark, and Deadly won't be that different from her Ellora's Cave books -- with one notable exception. "I didn't curb the sex scenes at all, but what I have been able
to do is bring out the plot more," she says. " I don't have to worry about the sex-scene-per-word-count-ratio anymore."

-- Diane Snyder

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