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Dinah McCall

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Tall Chief

I'm a woman who believes in miracles. I also believe in a forever kind of love. But in our ordinary, day-to-day struggles to make the best of the situations in which life has landed us, we can get trapped into accepting fate instead of changing it.

How would you behave if you were a witness to the death of your own dreams? What would you do? How would you fight against the finality of death? Would you quit on life the same way life quit on you, or would you be one of the strong ones-that kind of powerful individual who finds a way to grow despite the pain?

Morgan Tallchief, the hero in my new book, TALLCHIEF, had to face those issues many times over. He had to look deeply inside himself to find the courage to survive. Then, years later, those same skills became the key to saving those he loved.

He was the kind of man of whom every woman dreams. The kind of man who only loves once. The kind of man who loves forever.

Morgan Tallchief was a runner-an athletic prodigy. He lived for the run-the joy of being one with air and earth, of feeling the impact of foot to ground and knowing that if he had to, he could run forever. And yet as swift as he was, there came a day when even his speed was not enough to save the woman he loved.

Losing Kathleen Ryder broke his heart and nearly his spirit. But he survived. And 16 years later she reappeared. This time, it took every ounce of his strength and skill to keep from losing her, because he knew if it happened once more, it would be forever.

Clothes fell away as urgently and as quietly as the breeze that moved across their bodies. And when he laid her in the cool grass and slipped between her knees, Kathleen thought she might die from the joy. Every rule her parents had ever taught her was forgotten in Morgan Tallchief's arms. There was nothing that mattered but him and the love.

"Forgive me," he groaned, and then thrust, holding her close when she arched up in pain, covering her lips with his mouth and swallowing her gasp of surprise as her body began to accommodate him. He held himself motionless, shaking, waiting for the shock to her system to pass.

Tears were on her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I waited all my life for this moment," she whispered. "Thank God it was you."

Also, for all of my loyal readers, Chance McCall, which was my first book for HarperMonogram, is Harper's classic romance reissue for April. I've had many requests for this book over the years and am happy to see it back on the shelves.

Like Morgan Tallchief, my life has taken many twists and turns to get where I am today. I am so thankful for being able to share my stories with people who love to read. So if you're one of those people who like to read stories about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations, then you will enjoy TALLCHIEF.

Please write and let me know what you think about my latest release. And, if you would like an autographed bookmark for TALLCHIEF, please send a legal-sized SASE to P.O. Box 3916, Shawnee, OK 74802-3916.

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