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The wild, rowdy Delaneys are back! TO TAME A RENEGADE is Chad Delaneys story. Hes every bit as stubborn, handsome, sexy and rowdy as his big brother Pierce, and just as adamantly opposed to love and marriage. But just as the walls are about to fall, Chad also fallsfor the only woman he could ever love.

A tragedy in Dry Gulch, Montana, sends Chad fleeing to escape his memories. He becomes a bounty hunter and wanders the West. When he trails an outlaw to Carbon, Wyoming, he never expects to lose his heart to a quick-tempered, independent beauty with an adorable young son.

Sarah Temple is an unwed mother, disowned by her family and shunned by a town quick to condemn without knowing the facts. An accident and serious injury leaves Sarah under the reluctant Chads care. Self-reliant for so long, Sarah is not prepared for Chads attention; nor does she expect to quicken to his touch with such fire. Although Chad tries to find help for Sarah, no one is willing, leaving him fully responsible for her well-being.

Sarahs fear of men makes her a reluctant patient. Chads distrust of women has hardened him, but he finds sufficient compassion to care for the injured Sarah and her irresistible son, Abner.

With Sarah and Abners help, Chad finally makes peace with himself and overcomes the darkness that had taken over his life. Sarah and Chad realize that the unexpected richness of love between them will last forever.

TO TAME A RENEGADE takes you on a wild ride into Indian territory, where a renegade Indian chief and his band of escapees from the reservation take Sarah and Abner prisoner. Youll also meet Pierce, Ryan and the rest of the Delaneys again. Writing the second book of the trilogy was like greeting an old friend.

So Chad follows in his brother Pierces footsteps, taking a path he swore he never wouldthe one leading to love and marriage. That leaves one Delaney brother. Look for rogue Ryans story in the fall of 99. You wont be disappointed. Ryan finds his love disguised as a boy and riding with a band of outlaws. And so the fun beginsyou wont want to miss it!

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