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The Stuff Legends Are Made of...

There are two versions of Custer's Last Stand (aka the Battle of LIttle Bighorn). The one taught in schools, which says there were no survivors among Custer's men, and the one Georgina Gentry discovered while researching her latest release for Zebra, TO TAME A SAVAGE. In this version, a lone "survivor" had been spotted, but then he disappeared before he could be clearly identified.

In TO TAME A SAVAGE that lone man is Calvary Captain Austin Shaw as he is reunited with and saved by the brave Indian woman he loved. Fifteen years later, after the Battle of Wounded Knee, Colt, their young half-breed son, is taken prisoner and is identified by the Shaw family ring he wears. Instead of winning his "freedom," Colt is shipped to his high society grandmother for a "proper" upbringing; she has hired governess Miss Samantha MacGregor to "civilize" him for Boston society. Will Colt prove himself a survivor as well? Read it to find out!

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