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Norah Hess

Book Title: TANNER
Genre: Historical Romance

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Author's Message

Tanner Graylord has a lot to make up for. Eight years ago he gave Roxy Bartel a child, then walked out of her life. How can she forgive that kind of betrayal? Tanner sees things differently. He left for war, and Roxy had driven him away. But now he aims to forge a future for his family. Roxy won't be easily swayed...good thing Tanner is tough enough, and loving enough, for the job!

Roxy, more beautiful than ever, gazed up at him. All normal thought left him. He could only think how he wanted to grab her up in his arms and kiss her red, tender lips.

He jerked himself out of the strange spell when Roxy said in a cold, hostile voice, "I see you've finally come home."

He released her arm and answered in a harsh, flat voice, "Yes, I've come home."

Giving him a cool, impersonal look, Roxy said after a moment, "Welcome home," and walked on.

Tanner stared after her, anger growing inside him at the lack of warmth in her voice. She was acting as though it was his fault that he had ridden off to war. She knew damn well that it was her actions that had driven him away.

He strode after her and, taking hold of her arm, turned her around to face him. "I think we need to talk," he said roughly.

Roxy was sweating with impatience to get away from him. Paul Sheldon would be bringing Jory home any minute and she didn't want her son to see her talking to his cowboy friend. She stared up at Tanner and demanded in a tight voice, "What is there to talk about?"

"I think there's some misunderstanding about why I left here eight years ago."

"There's no need to talk about that. I understand perfectly why you went away."

"If you understand, why your cold attitude?"

Roxy stared up at him, astonishment in her eyes. "You're really something, Tanner Graylord," she ground out. And jerking her arm free, she turned and hurried away.

Tanner stared after her as she made her way to the Lady Chance. After all she's put me through I still want to make love with her, he thought with self-disgust.

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