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A Taste of Heaven

Sometimes you ask me where I get the inspiration for my heroes. Tyler Hollins, the hero of A TASTE OF HEAVEN, had his beginnings with a magazine picture of a very handsome and popular actor. I studied this man for a long time while I considered different stories, until finally I told him, "Have I got a part for you!"

It's 1887, and Montana has just come through the worst winter on record. Tyler has his hands full trying to turn his ranch around after this disaster. The fact that the cook he's hired for his twenty cowboys turns out to be a young, city-born widow doesn't help matters.

But Libby Ross has grit-enough to handle this harsh frontier and her taciturn, remote boss, too.

Such a simple thing, a kiss. But it had been so long since Tyler had tasted one, to him it felt like his first-as if he were a kid again, as if this were the kiss he'd always waited for. Gently, he touched his tongue to Libby's upper lip, then her lower. Her hand emerged from the folds of the blanket to press flat against his chest, just over the place where his heart thundered. He reached up and quickly unbuttoned his shirt halfway down, then tucked her hand inside and held it against his bare skin.

"Tyler," she whispered, and another chink opened in his icebound spirit. He knew this was what he'd wanted to do since the first morning he saw her. Greedily he drew her to him and took her lips again. The inside of her mouth was hot and slick, and an intense desire burned in him to lay her down on a pile of blankets. To shelter her with his body and press kisses on her smooth, naked skin, while he pulled her hips to his to surround himself with her warmth. And afterwards, to sleep with his head on her breast while the rain poured down around them...

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