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Liz Talley

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Superromance, Series

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Dear Reader:

Summer is creeping upon us which means it’s nearly time for flipflops, margaritas and firing up the grill. And if you’re looking for something extra delicious to toss into your beach bag, then belly up to the fourth book in my Oak Stand series A Taste of Texas. It’s yummy and calorie-free. I promise. 

When I started writing my first book Vegas Two Step, I had no idea I would fall so much in love with my fictional East Texas town of Oak Stand. But I did. I fell hard for the soft grass in the town square, the milk shakes Charlie Mac whips up down at the Dairy Barn and the way Miss Ester loves to beat her Tucker House friends at Wii Fitness. Something about the down-home quality of the town drew me like a moth to a front porch light. So after I typed THE END on that first book, my mind refused to leave behind the jelly jars, gingham curtains and Kitty Lou’s chicken and dressing. Thus, four more books were born. This month, A Taste of Texas hits shelves and I have to say, things are cooking in Oak Stand.

The idea for this book came unexpectedly with a secondary character I dreamed up as a contrast to the hero in Vegas Two Step. Ol’ Brent Hamilton was plenty good-looking, but he tanked as hero material because he was a consummate man whore. Yep. He’d sleep with anyone if she held still long enough. I wasn’t interested in the sleazy Brent at all. But one day, something niggled at me. What made him so un-heroic? And the more I thought about him, the more I wanted to know…what was his deal? Then the answer came to me. Brent had missed his chance at love.

And that was very sad.

So, I HAD to write his story and bring back the one that got away (even if he didn’t realize it at the time.) As I peeled back the layers, I found Brent had become a product of his surroundings and of the townspeople’s expectations. The man didn’t like who he was very much…and he had a secret.

Isn’t there something delicious about a man who portrays himself one way to the world, but underneath his devil-may-care charming persona beats the heart of an erudite, generous human being? Well, I think so. And Rayne, the heroine in the book, does, too. The problem is she’s so crazy mixed up about her direction in life a man is the last thing on her list. When she tells her heart to stay away, she means it. Good thing hearts don’t listen very well.

So if you are looking for a sweet, sexy small town romance, look no further. A Taste of Texas delivers an extra helping of tenderness, forgiveness and second chances, and it will fit perfectly on your summer menu of books. 

Bon Appetite!

- Liz Talley

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