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Tea for Two is Twice as Nice

Thirsty readers will delight in a new Pocket anthology serving up TEA FOR TWO this month, with a double dollop of romance by authors Liz Carlyle and Cathy Maxwell. Editor Lauren McKenna teamed up these two dynamos to deliver pure Regency romance and the English tradition of taking tea.

Liz Carlyle's "Hunting Season" may seem familiar if you've seen the film "Gosford Park." The tale of a hunting party at a country estate, this story offers up the best of wit and manners—and romance. Christian Villiers, Lord Grayston, is an inveterate gambler and has won the deed to Gothrington Abbey. He attends the party held there, but is more interested in catching Lady Middleton than game!

Cathy Maxwell's "In a Moonlit Garden" was inspired by other mischievous characters—her own kids. "Since I am currently surrounded by teen-agers (hormones are in the air!), I found myself mulling over how the emotions of love and jealousy can make fools of us all. Even the most sensible, sanest of people can go off the edge when in the grips of a jealous love."

So, she threw her characters into one zany scheme after another. Colonel Michael Sanson accepts a quest that puts his honor in question and sends him off to a country village in search of a stolen formula, while Jocelyn Kenyon foolishly decides to take up with the dark stranger who just arrived at her village in order to make her longtime love jealous.

This double dose of talented Regency authors will fit readers to a "Tea."

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