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Nicole Peeler

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Nicole Peeler



Elevator pitch: Tempest Rising is a sexy, funny and poignant novel about a young woman who finally gets in touch with her inner magical seal. And gets a lot of outer touching from a sexy vampire. Oh, and somebody's trying to kill her. It's a hot romp in salt water!

What appeals to you about your chosen genre? I've always loved urban fantasy because there's so much scope. There are so many genre elements we can choose from when we write. I could have written a dark, violent tale. Or a punny, sarcastic romp. In my case, I took elements of the sorts of romance I love, added the humor and the friendships I enjoy reading about in women's fiction, put in a hearty dose of fantasy, plus the action and the suspense I love in mysteries, and I got Tempest Rising. I think urban fantasy is a genre that allows you tons of exploration, and you get to create your own genre within a genre.

How long have you been writing? Not long. Tempest Rising is my first novel, and I wrote it in about three months. I edited it while shopping it to agents for another three months, and my agent sold it in one month. I'd never written anything, as far as fiction goes, before. But I am an academic, a professor, and I've been writing for that my whole life. So my story is actually less obnoxious than it sounds, since I've been reading/writing ... just in another career. Being in academia was good practice in terms of writing everyday, working through problems and the editorial process.

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