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TEMPT ME TWICE is the story of Lord GabrielKenyon and the very proper Miss Kate Talisford, the one woman he can never have. You see, Gabriel took Kates father on an expedition abroad to find a fabled lost cityonly Talisford was killed by thieves who stole a priceless, ancient statue. When Gabriel returns home to England, hes a hardened stranger who claims to be Kates guardian. She wants nothing to do with him, yet hes the only man who can help her recover the stolen artifact. On a quest to find a murderous villain, Kate soon discovers that her true adventure lies with Gabriel himself

Gabriel looked at Kate, a faintly wolfish charm in his gaze. Scruples, my dear ward, have no place in the bedchamber.

So speaks a man with a wicked reputation.

He strolled toward her, his hair mussed as if hed just arisen from bed. Theres something to be said for wickedness.

Theres nothing to be said for a man who cant see beyond a womans outward beauty

Instead of showing annoyance, he gave her that grinThe one that said
he had experience in things she could only imagine. He caressed her cheek with the backs of his fingers. Youre jealous.

Kate clamped her lips shut, mortified hed guessed her private,shameful wish to be as lovely and desirable as Yasmin. And as free to give of herself to Gabriel.

Im merely concerned about you giving away our purpose here. Otherwise, its of no consequence to me if you bed the entire female population of Egypt.

Her tirade only served to sharpen the gleam in his eyes. Prickly Kate. The dilemma is, Id rather bed you.

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