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You could call it Thelma and Louise without the guns, says Lisa Jackson about her upcoming tour with her younger sister, Nancy Bush, and Bush's dog, Binkster. The two women are going to visit six cities on the West Coast during the next few weeks to promote their new novels.

Jackson has two new books on the shelves, her August release Final Scream (which is an updated version of her 1995 book Intimacies, both from Zebra), and Temptress (Oct., Onyx), a historical romance. Bush, who also writes under the names Natalie Bishop and Nancy Kelly, will be promoting her chick lit title Ginny Blue's Boyfriends, written as Kelly (Sep., Strapless), and Candy Apple Red (Oct., Kensington), under her own name, the first book in the Jane Kelly mystery series.

The sisters, who are two years apart, were raised in a rural area of Oregon. Jackson says that when they were growing up, her younger sister always followed her around, with her mother's blessing. "My mom would say, 'Nancy can't go out unless she goes with you,' and I didn't want to take her, but my friends said she could come."

Bush acknowledges trailing her sister but says she had her own problems. Jackson was bossy, according to Bush, "but I'd just tune her out." Bush would also steal her sister's clothes. "I thought I had free rein, because what was she going to do? Come after me at school and tear my clothes off?"
It's this type of loving banter and affectionate teasing that will
be on display during the sisters' road trip along the West Coast.

"We enjoy each other's company, and really enjoy each other's sense of humor," says Bush. Jackson adds that "besides being sisters, we're really great friends. We're very different, but we think a lot alike."

So just where does "the Binkster" fit into the program? Well, the dog, a Chinese pug, just happens to enjoy a featured role in Candy Apple Red, according to Bush. But while the diva dog is enjoying a bit of notoriety, one aspect of celebrity-dom has got her down: she recently had to slim down a bit so she could travel on the airplane with the sisters. "She doesn't like this dieting much," says Bush. Quips Jackson, "We're contacting Jenny Craig."

Though both authors now enjoy a certain amount of writing success, their attempt to pen a novel together in the early '80s ended in rejection. That book, co-authored with a friend, was a romantic suspense, written long before such books became popular.

According to Jackson, who is now a leading romantic suspense author, they were told that the book was "too suspenseful, but [people] liked the writing." After that attempt, which Bush describes as a bomb, the sisters went their own ways and began writing careers that have spanned decades.

Both women are hard at work on their next novels. For Bush, it's a sequel to Candy Apple Red, tentatively titled Electric Blue, due out next October. And Jackson is working on a sequel to Deep Freeze (Mar., Zebra) called Fatal Burn (Mar. '06, Zebra). She's also working on her first hardcover, Shiver, which will be released in April '06.

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