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Texas Embrace

I admit it. I love writing about bad boys-or should I say ruthless men. Whatever we want to call them-mysterious, reckless, dangerous, demanding, powerful, always dark and handsome-they are the reason many of us read (and write) romances. I guess my most ruthless hero was Zeke Monroe in my Savage Destiny series ...and then there was Jake Harkner in Outlaw Hearts. These are men who get their revenge, defend their women, fear nothing (except maybe their feelings) and can be downright rip-snortin', gun-totin', hard-fisted men of whom proper women disapprove on the outside but lust after on the inside.

Such a man is John "Hawk" Hawkins, the hero of my latest release, texas embrace. Half-Indian and 100% full Texas Ranger-more by accident than choice-Hawk is caught in a time when the citizens of Texas are demanding the Rangers give up their ruthless ways of practicing justice and conduct themselves in a more 'civilized' manner.

'Civilized' does not exactly describe John Hawkins, but a lawman such as Hawkins sometimes had to be as ruthless as those he went after. Never was that more true than when Hawk set out to rescue the lovely, widowed Tess Reeves from Comancheros. But Hawk finds more than he bargained for, and fate leads this mismatched couple into an unlikely union-on paper only-to save Tess from ugly gossip.

Hero and heroine discover they share more in common than they thought possible, and in spite of his unrefined manner and rough exterior, Hawk realizes he has something to teach Tess about love, and a passion as wild and free as 1800s Texas burns hot in both their souls.

In this passage, Tess surprises even herself in revealing her desire for "bad boy" John "Hawk" Hawkins:

"I can't say that I love you, John, but sometimes you make me feel things I never felt before. Mostly I'm afraid to care. I've lost every person I ever cared about, and you lead such a violent life."

"You won't lose me. I'm too mean to die." He buried his face in her hair, enjoying the feel of her body against his own... She turned her tear-stained face up to meet his gaze, and he met her lips, gently, being careful to keep from sending her running.

Tess had no idea why she wanted this kiss, reasoning it was more out of curiosity than anything. She was surprised when desire shot through her with such force she could not control it. His lips left her mouth, and through tears Tess spilled out the words.

"Make love to me, John Hawkins."

"Bad boy" John Hawkins will build a fire in your...well...if you want to find out for yourself, pick up texas embrace for a hot read this April.

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