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Texas Jade, book two of my Texas Healing Women trilogy, tells the story of Jade Tucker, a healer who wants to improve her skills without the complication of a man in her life, and Eli Kinmont, a former doctor with a tortured soul. He alone makes Jade desire more than what he can teach her about Anglo medicine. Heres a sample:

Eli lowered himself onto the mattress next to Jade, then leaned closer and whispered, Roja, what have you done to me? When she opened her mouth to reply, he said, Shh, it doesnt matter.

The blood pounded in his ears, shutting out all other sound. He was aware of only the woman lying beside him and his need to kiss her.

As if reading his thoughts, she murmured, Kiss me, Eli.

He groaned, then lowered his mouth to press against hers. He tried to keep the kiss gentle, but when her hands came up to lock around his neck and her back arched to press her breasts against his chest, his gentleness gave way to a surprising wildness, a hungry fierceness he hadnt known he possessed. Pulling his mouth from hers, he shifted his attention to her neck.

Why this woman had come into his life now, after hed elected to live a solitary existence for the past six years, still bewildered him. At first, hed thought Jades finding him and treating his injuries was an ironic flukea yarb woman using her primitive skills to treat a man formally trained as a doctor. She claimed to have had visions predicting they would meet, which to her way of thinking meant coincidence played no part in her finding him in the mountains. Or if he were a believer in fate, he might be inclined to think they were predestined to meet. Refusing to allow his mind to dig any further into the notions of visions or coincidence or fate, he moved his lips lower.

The final Texas Healing Woman book, Texas Indigo, will be a July 99 release. Visit my web page at: and/or write to: P.O. Box 384, Paw Paw, MI 49079-0384. Include a #10 SASE for a bookmark and my current newsletter. My e-mail address is:

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