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Tess Gerritsen Delivers A Heart-Stopper With THIEF OF HEARTS

I love bad girls and I love to write about them. I find the vixen, vamp, and the "woman with a past" much more fascinating than the flawless but bland "good girl."

That's why I had so much fun writing about Clea Rice, the slightly tarnished heroine of my June '95 Intrigue, Thief of Hearts. Clea, you see, is a liar, a seductress, and a thief. Oh, she doesn't want to be any of these things. A reformed cat burglar, Clea has been living the straight and narrow life for years. Then she witnesses a horrifying crime at sea, and suddenly she's on the run. The police don't believe her. Her shady past has made her an unreliable witness. So Clea's forced to gather the evidence on her own, and to do that, she'll use every trick in the book - including burglary.

That's where she runs into real trouble. Moments after she breaks into a house and sneaks into the master bedroom, searching for evidence, she finds herself face to face with another burglar.

In truth, Jordan Tavistock is not a thief at all. He is a wealthy Englishman who's sneaked into the bedroom to retrieve some bawdy love letters written by a lady friend who's being blackmailed. Jordan's doing this only as a favor; but, now he's in quite a predicament, which isn't an unusual state of affairs for Jordan. If you read my '94 Intrigue, In Their Footsteps, then you'll remember Jordan as the heroine's brother. A gentleman through and through, Jordan meets adversity with wisecracks, danger with dashing dry humor. He's Hugh Grant and James Bond rolled into one.

And he hasn't the faintest idea what to do about Clea Rice. Neither one wants to be caught, so they go their separate ways and keep their silence. But with that one chance meeting in a dark bedroom, their lives become dangerously tangled together. Soon Jordan is battling the same evil forces that threaten Clea's life. And, at the same time, he's struggling with his attraction for her, an attraction that sizzles and sparks every time they meet!

Can a proper gentleman and a conniving cat burglar find happiness together? Will they survive long enough to find out?

To all my readers who've been asking for a book about Jordan Tavistock - Thief of Hearts is for you!

I love to hear from my readers! Write to me at: RR1, Box 4989, Camden, ME 04843. Or visit me online at!

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