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Tami Hoag

Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Tami Hoag Walks A THIN DARK LINE

"When are you going to write another Cajun hero?" readers ask me all the time. It all started with Lucky Doucet, my hero in Lucky's Lady. He was difficult, dark, dangerous, wounded - and women loved him. I think it had something to do with imagining that rough, low voice whisper "Cher."

After Lucky came Jack Boudreaux in Cry Wolf. Jack was very Dennis Quaid, which is always enough to make me break out in a sweat, but there's still something extra sexy about that Cajun accent. "Come here, cher, and let me have my way with you." Pardon me here while I pause to fan myself.

"When are you going to write another Cajun hero?" They asked me. How long could I resist?

Enter Cajun cop Nick Fourcade and Deputy Annie Broussard of the Partout Parish Sheriff's Office, Bayou Breaux, Louisiana.

When a sadistic act of violence leaves a woman dead, when a tainted piece of evidence lets the killer walk, how far would you go to see justice done? These were the questions that began my journey along A Thin Dark Line, my latest suspense novel from Bantam Books.

Pamela Bichon's killer is free. In the eyes of the law it doesn't matter that the prosecutor's key piece of evidence proves Marcus Renard's guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. All that matters is that the evidence was never listed on a search warrant and it was seized by a detective with a questionable past and a nasty reputation.

But the investigation isn't over - not for Cajun cop Nick Fourcade, who stands accused of planting the evidence. He's stepped over the line before and this case could push him over the edge. His orders from above are to move on, but obsession fills his mind with the nightmare images of Pamela Bichon's agonizing death, of Marcus Renard's arrogant triumph, and of his own capacity for exacting vengeance.

Deputy Annie Broussard can't walk away from the homicide either. She found the body. She still hears the phantom echoes of dying screams, still feels the shadow of a woman taken by violence and denied justice. But pursuing the investigation will mean forming an uneasy alliance with Fourcade, a man she doesn't trust. It will mean subjecting herself to growing harassment from her fellow cops. And it will mean letting herself be drawn into the confidence of a suspected killer.

As Fourcade challenges her again and again to reach deeper into the case and into her own soul, Annie will find herself at the center of a maze of treachery and deceit. And the closer she draws to the truth, the deadlier the chase will become-a chase that will lead down a twisted trail through the steamy bayous of South Louisiana and deep into the darkest reaches of the human heart.

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