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L.A. Banks

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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If Friday the 13th is a day for chills and thrills, then expect nothing less than a battle of apocalyptic proportions when L.A. Banks unleashes her final Damali Richards adventure, The Thirteenth, on Feb. 13.

"Expect the Armageddon, some truly kick-ass-till-the-last-man-and-woman-is-standing types of scenes...finding out about the offspring for her and the team and the fate of all Guardians involved," says Banks about the 12th and final book in the series.

"I feel so thoroughly like an empty-nest mom," Banks jokes. "I have lived with these characters and their drama for so long, and now to not have a new saga for them to embark upon feels so completely strange."

It may feel strange for fans too, who've devoured the series since 2003. But the story and the universe will live on -- just in other formats. "You will see more of the standing members of the Vampire Huntress Legend series team in the graphic novels," says the series creator.

Illustrated by Brett Booth and developed by Dabel Brothers, the graphic novels will "extend the story to the post-apocalyptic world," explains Banks. "We'll also go back in time to see how Damali first came into her powers, and that will be illustrated in manga."

As for the "children of" the Guardians, they will show up in a young-adult series later this year.

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