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Marie Bostwick

Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Like all fiction authors, I spend my days bringing an imaginary world to life on the page. In doing so, I often draw on experiences, thoughts, and themes from my real life. That, I believe, is why readers have so enthusiastically embraced the stories and characters of my Cobbled Court novels, because even when entering the realm of imagination, we yearn for relevance in our reading — stories that mirror our personal struggles and triumphs, characters who feel like friends, tales that tell us we’re not alone.
Threading the Needle, the fourth title in my Cobbled Court series, written during the economic downturn of 2009 and 2010, is just such a story, drawing inspiration from the challenges of our changing times as well as the truths that never change.
Facing an empty nest and starting to wonder if they’ve been living someone else’s lives, Tessa Woodruff and her husband, Lee, decide to leave their comfortable corporate jobs and reinvent themselves and their relationship in the village of New Bern, Connecticut, Tessa’s childhood home. Lee tries his hand at organic farming, and Tessa, an avid gardener who loves creating her own herbal cosmetics, opens an herbal apothecary and gift shop. Their plans may be solid, but the economy is not. Before long Tessa starts to wonder if her business, and her marriage, will survive the strain.
Madelyn Beecher, Tessa’s estranged childhood friend, has also returned to New Bern, the scene of her most humiliating failures and deepest disappointments, not because she wants to but because she must. Neglected as a child, Madelyn married a rich man who could provide her the security she craved but which, once she had it, left her heart empty. When her husband is arrested for master minding a Ponzi scheme, Madelyn’s world is turned upside down. Friendless, nearly broke, and desperate, Madelyn decides to remodel the ramshackle cottage she inherited from her cruel grandmother into an inn that will support her until the economy improves and she can sell it, putting New Bern and the painful memories it evokes behind her forever. That is the plan.
But, as we have all come to learn in the last few years, when the times are unpredictable, even the best laid plans may be worth no more than the paper they are written on.
However, when fate and the need to right old wrongs draw Tessa and Madelyn home to New Bern and into the charmed circle of the remarkable women who meet at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop, these two friends who lost their way and each other must confront the past and survive the present. In the process, they come to understand the meaning of bounty, the price of love, and the value of friendship.
I hope you enjoy Tessa and Madelyn’s story and find within the pages of the book insight into your own personal struggles and triumphs. But more than that, I hope Threading the Needle brings you several hours of enjoyment as the women of New Bern come together in their love of quilting and friendship.

- Marie Bostwick

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