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Time After Time

Someone once said, "True love is like seeing ghosts: we all talk about it, but few of us have ever seen one."

Now, anyone who's been truly in love-and anyone who's seen, felt or heard something that's been just a bit on the spooky side-might disagree. That's why I have so much fun with my novels: I throw a perfectly normal heroine into a perfectly bizarre situation, and then I sit back and watch.

In TIME AFTER TIME, Liz Coppersmith is like a lot of other single mothers: hardworking, proud, lonely, feisty, and determined to do right by her child. So, okay, the man Liz falls for is a genetically engineered bachelor. And, okay, there's someone haunting her days and nights who (strictly speaking) belongs in another century.

That doesn't make Liz abnormal.

For those of you who cheered for Fergus O'Malley in Emily's Ghost-I think you'll like the resolution of TIME AFTER TIME. For those of you who pass my books on to your mothers and then to your daughters-this one will work for everyone, too.

The story takes place in Newport, Rhode Island, one of the most beautiful small cities on earth. A cottage, a mansion, a century-old yacht-the physical setting of TIME AFTER TIME is enchanting.

I should know: I live in the cottage that looks at the mansion. Like everyone else who's lived in a tiny house, I've wondered what it would be like to live in a big one. And this is what I've decided: my bed is as soft, my roses are as red, and as for my view-ha! It's better.

In short, the heroine of TIME AFTER TIME-like the heroine in Beloved, and the heroine in Embers-understands eventually that money isn't everything. Love is. Family is. Friends are. And as I sit at my desk, writing this and looking out at a sliver of a moon hanging over the harbor, I think how blessed-how very lucky-these women are to know it.

You can write to me at P.O. Box 471, Newport, RI 02840. SASE appreciated.

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