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Time Raders Raid Nocturne


Ready for a secret that's hot, hot, hot? How about the fact that a sizzling new series called Time Raiders hits stores this month?

Conceived by RomVets, a group of former and current military women who write romance, Time Raiders found a home and a champion in Tara Gavin, senior editor of Silhouette Nocturne. "I'm so proud to have worked with the talented, amazing authors of the Time Raiders series," she says. "The creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm of those involved continues to astound me. I love each book and know that readers will as well."

Time Raiders launches with the release of The Seeker by Lindsay McKenna, whose goal in creating Time Raiders was "to develop an author-driven series that involved
time travel and learning about historically famous and powerful women from our past, one that wrapped in intrigue, paranormal elements and kick-butt, take-name military heroes and heroines."

So far Nocturne has ordered four books in the series. But, says McKenna, "If readers love them as much as we do, more will be on their way!"

"Lindsay McKenna and I came up with the basic idea, then the rest of the RomVets jumped right in," says Merline Lovelace, author of The Protector (Nov.), the fourth book in the series. "As a result, the series has many layers and incredibly multifaceted characters. A prime example is the archvillain, Kentar of the Fifth Nebula.

"Once we decided on the name of Centaurian for the star system he rules, our collective imaginations took off, Lovelace adds. "We soon developed a whole host of characteristics based on the idea of centaurs -- alpha males with distinct equine qualities. Like a vestigial ruff of fur at the nape of their necks. And toes joined like a hoof. And a stallion's urge to mount any and all females. Add in the medallion our characters go in search of, the Roswell-incident UFO crown Professor Carswell dons to send them back in time, the powerful female characters they encounter in other times ... well, you can see why I loved being part of this fantastic series."

P.C. Cast, whose story, The Avenger, is out in October, says, "As a woman of Celtic descent I've been intrigued by Boudicca's story for as long as I can remember, so it was great to have her as a strong secondary character and to fictionally walk her path. It was an honor to be included in a series written by women who have served in the armed forces. It was also a guilty pleasure to create a heroine who, like me a couple of decades ago, loved the Air Force but really, really didn't like taking orders."

Cindy Dees, author of The Slayer (Sept.), says the series has something for everyone. "Danger, excitement, cool plot twists, big bad villains, epic battles and, of course, smokin'-hot romance. My book takes place on the eve of the battle of Thermopylae, featured most recently in the movie 300. Throw in an alien hunk who's so hot he'll curl your toes, a mouthy, irreverent, female army captain, and it's a surefire recipe for a rockin' good time!"

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