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Tonight or Never

My new novel--TONIGHT OR NEVER represents a special passage for me, a challenge I made to myself in the beginning. The challenge was this: to see if I could write in all of the romance genres i.e., contemporary, futuristic, paranormal/time travel and historical. To make the challenge even more interesting (and difficult), i wanted to see if I could complete the cycle within the first four books that I wrote, so that not only would they be my first consecutively published books, but also each of these books would be my first novel in a particular genre. Why did I want to do this?

Well, to show that romance writers don't have to be pegged and categorized into one mold. That creativity should not be bound by convention. That the readers respond to characters and story if they like what you have given them, they will come along with you for the adventure. In the future, I hope to keep bringing you new and different stories, whether on other planets, alternate universes, the past, or the present. So what adventure do I have in store for you with TONIGHT OR NEVER? Well...

They call him Lord of Sex. He is a rake, a rogue, a libertine, and a scoundrel. A six-foot plus, golden haired, green-eyes package of the most interesting kind of trouble. Too bad the unsuspecting reprobate is about to get his tail feathers permanently clipped by a most determined young woman...Chloe Heart.

She wants John, you see. She's wanted him all her life. Now she has the perfect plan to accomplish the daring deed! Or so she thinks. Her plans might just backfire on her, however. Let's peek in and see what's happening between them now:

Snapping off a blade of grass, she bent over him, and lightly ran the tip across his lips. John's green eyes opened a fraction. As she suspected, he was very sensitive to physical stimuli.

"Mmm, hello, sweet," he whispered sleepily.

"Had a hard night, did you?" she goaded him.

Lacing his hands behind his head, he gazed up at her, eyes sparkling with humor. "I rode like jell to get here and you know it."

"Yes, I suppose..." She glided the blade of grass across her lips in a seemingly unconscious action. His sights fell instantly to her mouth.

Chloe knew the exact moment he realized it was the same blade which had just run across his own lips. His eyes darkened.

"Come lie down here with me." He spoke quietly as he held his hand out to her.

Chloe swallowed. She had wanted a reaction, but not this strong of a reaction. "Wh-what for?"

John quirked an eyebrow. "So we can discuss the English economy. What do you think what for?"

Hmmm...Well, I did say John was a scoundrel...but he's such a lovable scoundrel!

TONIGHT OR NEVER is an exciting, fast-paced story; a madcap, sexy, loving, romp through 1704 England. I graciously invite you to enter into the mansion known as Chacun A Son Gout, or "Each To His Own Taste." So relax, laugh, sigh, and enjoy your stay!

TONIGHT OR NEVER is Dara's fourth book, and her first historical. Write to her

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