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Cara Elliott

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Author's Message

With every book I write, I find that I always learn something new about romance. Love is, after all, a devilishly complicated thing. And so, too, is the heart, which works in maddeningly mysterious ways. That said, I’ve made a fascinating discovery, thanks to my hero Cameron. (He is, among other things, a very skilled thief—and not just because he’s stolen Sophie’s heart long, long ago.)

He was kind enough to share one his special secrets with me, which I shall now pass on to you! His revelation is that the heart is like a lock—there are all sorts of complicated levers and gears, which must be maneuvered with a delicate touch and just the right amount of pressure in order to make all the parts align and spring open.

Now, it takes patience and practice to hear the little click. You can’t rush these things. And of course you must find just the right key to fit each unique set of intricate inner workings. In one of my favorite scenes in the book, Cameron teaches Sophie how to master a complex puzzle lock (naturally she is a very quick learner—she’s had a lot of experience in handling dangerous challenges.) To his surprise, she proves very adept at knowing just where to probe and just which little wheels to move.

As for the final result . . . Click!

I shall leave you to discover the rest of their story. But before I turn the page, I have a question: if you’ve had a tiff with your significant other, what is the one little gesture that is a surefire key to getting back in your good graces? (For me, a gift of chocolate always unlocks a smile.) 

- Cara Elliott

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