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Cherry Adair

Book Title: IN TOO DEEP
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message


Sometimes writing isn't the hardest part of creating a novel. For her latest suspenseful Ivy romance, IN TOO DEEP, author Cherry Adair's accumulated research filled a 10-inch thick binder. "The book is set on a fictitious island in the South Pacific. After creating and mapping my island, I researched vegetation and climate to get a good feel for the Tahitian landscape. Then came boats, explosives, underwater demolition, diving…the list went on and on."

Tally Cruise comes to Paradise Island to see her long-absent father; former Navy SEAL Michael Wright came for revenge. Their attraction is immediate,
but first they have to survive the dangers lurking beneath the idyllic island's surface. "While Michael is no longer a Navy SEAL when IN TOO DEEP begins," Cherry says, "I talked with several Navy friends to get firsthand accounts of similar ops. Another friend put me in touch with Jacques Cousteau's grandson, Fabien Cousteau. Talk about six degrees of separation! He was wonderful, and answered all my boating questions—no matter how basic…or how odd."

Cherry has taken from her own life experiences as well. "When Tally attacks one of the bad guys, it's something that actually happened years ago when someone broke into my house," Cherry says with a wicked smile. "The cops arrived ten minutes later to find the bad guy huddled on my front lawn, crying and clutching his…body parts."

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