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Lori Foster

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Lori Foster...

Leads Us Into Temptation

Seated at the dining room table with her husband of 24 years and
her three teenaged sons, Lori Foster blushed with pleasure as Kensington's senior editor, Kate Duffy, spoke with her over the phone regarding
her fabulous two-book deal with the red-hot Brava line. Stunned, Loriwhose first Harlequin Temptation wasn't published until 1996replied simply she didn't write "erotica." In typical Duffy fashion, the seasoned editor responded, "Oh yes you do."

Having already written single titles for both Harlequin and Berkley/Jove, it dawned on Lori that writing erotica romances for Brava ultimately shouldn't be too much of a stretch. "I've always enjoyed writing sexy books," Lori says. "It isn't something I do deliberately, but rather it makes perfect sense that in the boundaries of a romance, the couple in love would enjoy physical love as much as emotional."

Perhaps most telling of a future venture into writing sexier, spicier romance was with the publication of Lori's second book, Outrageous, which launched the Temptation inline series, Blaze. Years later, Lori's brand of intrinsic sensuality and her love of Alpha males would come into play once again with the release of her 25th Harlequin title, Sex Appeal, (ironically, this story was rejected by most of the publishers in the industry), which then launched yet another inline series, Temptation Heat, to replace Blaze, which was upgraded to its own category.

Lori stresses, "I've always written exactly what I wanted. Harlequin has been wonderful about not imposing boundaries on my love scenes, which gave me the chance to grow and define my naturally sensual voice."

TOO MUCH TEMPTATION is Lori's first foray into what Brava is classifying as "Erotica Romance." But is it erotica? Lori's not quite sure. "Other than a little more freedom in word usage, I'm writing the same stuff I've always written," she insists. "I like to write about ordinary people with ordinary flawswho still fall in love and have extraordinary sex."

Furthermore, based on the number of romances published that showcase "perfect" women bedding "perfect" men, Lori set out to create a sizzling tale with characters who were more true to life and who weren't afraid to fulfill their carnal desires.

Full-figured and with a heart of gold, 25-year-old personal assistant Grace Jenkins is more than willing to console Noah Baldwin after his grandmotherand Grace's employer, the bossy and dominantly furtive Agatha Harperblames him
for the break-up of his engagement to his socialite fiancé, Kara.

Noah, embittered after walking in on Kara as she's having wild, uninhibited sex with another man named Deltorro (which in Spanish means "The Bull"and not the only double entendre in the story, if you get my drift!), decides that instead of pursuing a committed relationship, he'll seek out a partner who can enjoy the wildness and spontaneity of casual sex with him. He finds one, surprisingly enough, in the virginal Gracie, who's loved Noah
for the entire three years she's been in Agatha's employ.

Touched by her spirit and loyalty and pleasantly confounded by her willingness in the bedroom, Noah lets Grace know what he's looking for. I want sex. Hot, wet, grinding sex. I want a woman who's willing to give me her body in any way I want it. But until I get everything else squared away, that's all I want. No commitments.

"Because I write heavily in the male point of view, a focus on sexuality naturally occurs," Lori says. "And for me, the male POV is fun. Menview and react to things in a different way than we as women do."

In TOO MUCH TEMPTATION, Grace sees herself as "fat" and as such, has spent her entire life hiding in baggy clothes. On the other hand, Noah rejoices in Grace's bodyparticularly her breasts (how typical!)and stews outright whenever she disparages her own looks.

While Grace reluctantly views her and Noah's relationship as purely physical, Noah finds his love for Grace deepening the more he gets to know herin mind and body. "She becomes very special to him because of who she is, not how she looks. That's what I write. I have to assume it's what appeals to
my readers."

Since Lori's initial conversation with Kate Duffy, she has signed on to write two more romances for the Brava line. So far, her series fans are eagerly embracing more books from this gifted author. One online fan, Lois, supports Lori whole-heartedly. "The longer books just give us a more in-depth and longer read with the added bonus of more freedom in story lines and the sex !" Another reader, Barb, who has also become a dear friend to the author, has started a "special e-mail loop" called Lori Foster Book Junkies that can be accessed through Lori's webpage,

For those who aren't fans of the genre, Lori sticks resolutely to her guns. "My purpose on earth isn't to convert the nonbelievers of romance. People will either read and enjoy romance, or they'll turn their nose up at it. I have my hands full with my family and friends and staying in touch with the wonderful readers who contact me daily. Everyone has opinions, and they're entitled to them. There are some things I wouldn't read on a bet, and I'd resent someone trying to convince me that my feelings about it were wrong."

Noah's roguish little brother, Ben, will have his own libidinous adventures in Oct. '02 with Lori's second Brava, NEVER TOO MUCH. From the moment Sierra Murphy frequents his dinercovered in dirt and cute as a buttonBen's fantasies go into overdrive. Immersed in her landscaping business, Sierra has other things on her mind than sleeping with the notorious playboy. So she makes him a proposition: they'll enjoy one night of passion and move on. Only Ben isn't willing to let her "get off" so easily

"I don't have titles yet for the two Bravas following those, but they'll be related by twin brothers, one a preacher, one a bounty hunter bad-ass," Lori reveals.

In addition to her series romances, Lori is also hard at work writing single titles and novellas for Berkley/Jove, Temptation, single titles and novellas for Harlequin, and novellas for Kensington. This prolific author isn't at all burdened by her constant deadlines or the need to keep storylines compelling. "I love this business, so I'm always anxious to create another story. But how do I do it? I have no idea." Lori laughs. "I'm very fortunate that I have editors who respond quickly to what I do, which keeps things moving and on schedule."

For a complete, printable list of all of Lori's past and present titles, readers can e-mail her at: Visit her website at or write to her at P.O. Box 854, Ross, OH 45061.


Jan. '02: Wild, Berkley/Jove single title
Mar. '02: TOO MUCH TEMPTATION, Brava single title
Jun. '02: ONCE & AGAIN, Harlequin reissue of
Sawyer and Morgan
Aug. '02: FOREVER & ALWAYS, Harlequin reissue of
Gabe and Jordan
Aug. '02: I LOVE BAD BOYS, Brava anthology
Oct. '02: NEVER TOO MUCH, Brava single title



He propped himself on one elbow and took [the phone] out of her hand. "What are you doing, Grace?"

"My car broke down last night, remember?"

"Honey, if I don't clearly remember coercing you out of your clothes, you can be certain I don't remember squat about your car."

"Oh." She tucked in her chin. "Sorry. But my car died on me last night, which is why I arrived here soaking wet and why you coerced me out of my clothes."

He nodded slowly, his memory jogged. "Yeah, now I remember telling you that."

Her brows rose high. "You're saying you made it up?"

"I'm saying I wanted you out of your clothes. Them being wet was a good enough excuse."

"Oh." Grace looked bemused for a moment, then pleased. She leaned down and gave him a smacking kiss. "I'm going to love having sex with you."

He groaned, caught between tenderness, amusement and lust so hot he should have been breathing fire.

Grace rose from the bed and again reached for the phone. "I have to call a cab."

"The hell you will." Seeing she wouldn't be swayed otherwise, Noah forced his tensed muscles to bend and sat up beside her. "I'll drive you."

"But" She shook her head. "Noah, I'm going to your grandmother's."

"Yeah, I gathered as much." And from what he'd just heard, no way would he let her face Agatha alone. His grandmother claimed they'd argued last nightthanks to him. No doubt Grace had been busy defending him, and no doubt his hardheaded grandmother had taken exception to her opinion.

"But Noah"

"I'm taking you, damn it."

She stiffened. "I may have agreed to do whatever you say in the bedroom, but I never said you could boss me anywhere else."

Noah grinned as he pulled on his jeans. She agreed to do whatever he said in the bedroom. Life suddenly looked pretty bright.

"My little sex slave," he teased, and watched her blush. "Hell Gracie, the bedroom is the only place I want to direct you, so we're in agreement."

She looked suspicious, but finally nodded. "Okay then."

"But," he added, not about to let her have the last word, "I am taking you to my grandmother's. And afterward I'm bringing you back here, and we'll find out just how obedient you can be in bed."

Rather than put her off with his autocratic tone, Grace nodded. Her eyes bright with anticipation, she said, "I promise I'll try my best."

Well hell. She had the last word after all.

Noah was too busy trying to breathe to argue.

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