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Gwyneth Atlee

Genre: Historical Romance

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They say revenge is sweet. After writing TOUCHED BY FIRE, Id say its deadly, and best
considered carefully, even
if, like Hannah, youve been given every reason to desire it.

Adulteress. Thats what Hannahs husband called her, in a scheme to rid himself of her
and steal her inheritance. His lies robbed her of everything, especially her good name. In
1871 Pennsylvania, a divorced woman was stripped of respectable opportunities, left with little but a choice between prostitution and starvation.

Hannah chooses neither. Instead she lashes out against her former husband just before
embarking on a daring deception. After changing her name, she accepts an offer from Peshtigo, Wisconsin and hopes the farmer she meets there will never realize his mail-order bride is not the
innocent she claims to be.

When Hannah arrives in Peshtigo, she finds the woodlands smoldering with brushfires, but the hottest sparks ignite when she meets Daniel, her new fiancis brother. Suspicious
of Hannahs past, Daniel fights his old wounds and battles a dangerous attraction that soon
threatens family bonds.

As Hannahs lies unravel and autumn breezes fan the fires into a raging inferno, Hannahs love, and her very life, are threatened by the blazeand a craving for revenge just as deadly as any wildfire.

To find out more about TOUCHED BY FIRE and my next Zebra Historical, NIGHT WINDS (Feb. 2000), the story of a couple
driven together by betrayal, who face both a devastating hurricane and a shattering secret from the past, visit my website at

You can contact me by e-mail at Or write to Gwyneth Atlee, P.O. Box 731, Conroe, Texas 77305. Send a long business-sized SASE for a free autographed bookmark
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