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Alison Gaylin

Book Title: TRASHED
Genre: Amateur Sleuth, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

Tabloid Fodder


She wasn't invited to David Hasselhoff's wedding, nor Fred Savage's bar mitzvah, but she crashed anyway -- to no avail.

"I got kicked out of David Hasselhoff's wedding," laughs author Alison Gaylin, reminiscing about her days reporting for Star magazine. A young Fred Savage wasn't too interested in partying with her either, but in other instances she got too much of a scoop.

"There were stories that I didn't want to tell," Gaylin admits, and on a few occasions she kept the intel to herself instead of reporting it to her editor.

"It sort of pares at your conscience," she says of the undercover work. Understandably so, as Gaylin sometimes found herself stationed in the waiting room of celeb-friendly hospitals, chatting up orderlies and waiting for the scoop.

"It was a surreal experience," she says, likening her exploits to that of a private investigator, which makes the transition to mystery writer seem natural.

"You have to be creative and quite adventurous because nobody will talk to you. I always wanted to write about it," Gaylin says, and
she does just that in this month's Trashed, out from NAL, which launches the publisher's new Obsidian imprint.

The mystery follows reluctant supermarket tabloid reporter Simone Glass, who uncovers a grisly murder while out stealing garbage, a task Gaylin herself has done in the name of celebrity news.

These days Gaylin throws out only her own trash, having left behind city life for bucolic upstate New York with her husband and young daughter. Hiking with her family and writing keeps the author
of three novels busy.

Still, she remains connected to
the entertainment industry, editing celebrity mags from afar, which can only help
to provide fodder for future novels. And who knows, now that she's a published author, maybe the next time David Hasselhoff gets married, she won't
get thrown out. -- Elissa Petruzzi

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