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Cathy Maxwell

Genre: Victorian Period, England, Historical Romance

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Treasured Vows

For my next book TREASURED VOWS, I take on the theory that opposites attract ...or do they?

Opposites certainly make for great romance novels. There's fun to be found pairing a Harvard professor with a showgirl/guy, the undercover cop and the con artist, the virgin and the rake. But most opposites appear in everyday ways: the neatnik married to the slob, the handyperson married to the plumbing-impaired, the homebody married to the party animal. Let's face it, in every marriage, someone has to know how to balance a checkbook.

I theorize that in the best relationships magic happens: the slob decides to be a touch neater to please the other partner; the neatnik relaxes strict standards. The spendthrift may never balance a checkbook but does learn to respect a budget and the tightwad sets aside mad money. We take from our partners what is missing within ourselves. In turn, we offer our best.

Opposites attract because we need a little of the "opposite" to give our lives balance-and spice!

In TREASURED VOWS, a young woman with a fantastic, madcap dream is paired with a man who has his life completely mapped out. Furthermore, Grant Moran is on the verge of making all his carefully laid plans a reality-until he meets Phadra Abbott.

And if you've ever had a relationship with someone who is your opposite, then you know that the chemistry is downright flammable!

I set TREASURED VOWS in Re-gency England, a time of great social change and even greater passions. It's a fun read and I hope you enjoy it.

I've been fortunate over the last year to be nominated by Romantic Times and Romance Writers of America for awards for my first book, All Things Beautiful. Thank you everyone for your tremendous support and may you celebrate and enjoy the best of the holidays and the New Year.

TREASURED VOWS should be out in certain locations in time for the holidays. For an autographed bookplate, please send an SASE to PO Box 1532, Midlothian, VA 23113.

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