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With more than a million books in print from a variety of nearly 50 fiction titles, most of them romantic in nature, I have to say that writing is where its at for me. I love what I do and the places writing takes me.

Ive had an absolute passion for storytelling since I was a child. A good story can captivate me and become a dear friendand romances are some of my all-time favorites! Growing up, authors like Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, the Brontks, and Grace Livingston Hill were some of my standard reads. Gradually I added Woodiwiss, Deveraux, Brown and others. The stories were compelling and the happily ever after endings never failed to please. When Christian romances came on the scene, I knew Id found my passion.

I wanted to draw the reader into the heart of the characters and share the spiritual well-being and peace that came to me through my own faith journey. Writing stories that detail Gods love for us, while creating entertaining tales of romance or womens issues set throughout history, has been a dream come true.

This love for history follows comes through in most of my books: my October release, Tidings of Peace, a collection of four World War II romances, the Yukon Quest series, which will debut in January 01, along with the Shannon saga, co-written with James Scott Bell.

The Yukon Quest series begins with book one, TREASURES OF THE NORTH. This follows several characters to the gold rush of the Yukon in the late 1800s. After making a trip to the area several years ago, I found a deep interest in this time period and location. The gold rush provided a perfect backdrop for intrigue and romance. The setting is so incredibly beautiful, but at the same time it was one of the most deadly regions to call home.

The Shannon Saga is the brain-child of James Scott Bell, winner of the Christy Award for best inspirational suspense. With a writing style often compared to John Grishams, Jim Bell has been a wonderful partner to work with. Set in Los Angeles at the dawn of the 20th century, this series
focuses on a woman who desires to practice law in a day and age where women are not very welcomed in court. Jim, who practiced law for many years, uses his vast knowledge of the law to create marvelous intrigue for the storyline.

Im often asked what I feel is the most important element of a good romantic story. I have to say, without a doubtits the romance. Silly as that sounds, often I find romance stories where the issues or agendas of the characters overshadow the love story. The focus should always stay on those two people who are falling in love. Intrigues and mysteries are wonderful companions to romance, but I think the reader often feels robbed if they become the focus of the story. I want my knights in shining armor and my ladies fair. I want the happy ending and the good guy to win, but above all, I want the love story to shine through and leave the reader with that sigh of satisfaction when they close the book.

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