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Kathleen Fuller

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational

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Treasuring Emma (Book One of the A Middlefield Family Series) was a difficult book to write. During the writing of the book, I was battling illness. At first it was undefined, but after seeing several doctors and specialists, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Because of an extremely understanding publisher and editors who went above and beyond to help and pray for me as I went through treatment, I was able to complete the novel.

As with most of my books, Treasuring Emma is about forgiveness. But its also about anger and resentment, emotions I dealt with as I was going through the process of understanding my cancer and undergoing treatment. Dealing with my own illness allowed me to delve deeply into the emotions of the characters. The resentment and sorrow Emma feels when she believes everyone has abandoned her. The possibility of not being worthy of forgiveness, as Adam felt. The fear of the unknown, which Clara experiences as the story unfolds. While Treasuring Emma isn’t about cancer, it is about universal emotions and fears that touch us all during different seasons of our lives.

Although the novel was a challenge to write, it was also cathartic for me. Through the character of Leona, a woman who loves her family and community fiercely and loves the Lord even more, I was able to conquer my own anxiety by reminding myself that God never abandons us, never forsakes us, and is always with us, even through times of extreme trial. Through her encouragement of the other characters, I was encouraged as well. Leona is the lynch pin of the family and of the series. She’s the voice of reason, the voice of faith, the voice of love.

Treasuring Emma is my seventh book set in Middlefield, Ohio, the fourth largest Amish settlement in North America. I chose Middlefield as a setting because I live near the village, and unlike some other settlements, the Amish aren’t as separate from the “English” (or Yankee, as they say in Middlefield) as they are in Pennsylvania, Indiana, or other Ohio settlements. An Amish family might be the only one living on a road filled with fancier Yankee homes, or one Yankee house will reside on a street filled with plain white houses. The juxtaposition of Amish and Yankee in Middlefield is the inspiration for the Amish novels I write. While Amish culture is different from ours (no electricity, modest clothing, even their own language) when it comes down to it, we have the basics in common—struggles within our families, self-doubt and fear, and a search for life’s purpose and meaning, among other aspects. In many ways, we aren’t so different after all.

As of this writing, I’m still battling thyroid cancer—a battle I intend to win. My prognosis is excellent, and I’m working my way toward healing. For information on thyroid cancer, visit this website. To find out more about my books, visit my website.

- Kathleen Fuller

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