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Tina Wainscott

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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When all you want is to fit in, sometimes putting your heart on the line is the only way to find where you really belong.

How far would you go to pursue a mission only you believed in? Chloe Samms is put to the test in ways she could never imagine. She grew up in Lilithdale, a refuge for women who have special abilities. Chloe, unfortunately, has no ability, which makes her an oddball in a town of oddballs. But because she comes from Lilithdale, shes an oddball to the rest of the world.

Then something extraordinary
happens to her. When she is hit by a car and dies, she is not met by her departed loved ones, but by the woman who accidentally hit her. That woman has a desperate last request for Chloe: go back and find the son she just hid away from his father. How easy do you think its going to be to convince the cynical father that Chloe is the link to his missing son? Not very, I can tell you that.

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is very dear
to me because its set in my town of Naples, Florida. I took some liberties with a nearby small fishing village and turned their town into Lilithdale. What fun I had, though I hope they can forgive me!

To celebrate my brand new website (my husband surprised me with it, God knows when I would have had time to do it!), Im giving away a $50 gift certificate to a randomly-selected winner. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and the name of the one book that changed or impacted your life. It doesnt have to be romance or even fiction. Im going to compile a list and post the titles on my website. So check out and enter!

My first Harlequin Duet, THE WRONG MR. RIGHT, comes out in August 2000!
I had a blast writing about a heroine from
a close Italian family and a big, handsome Scot who trips her up on the way to finding her destined soul mate.

I love to get reader mail, and
I answer all letters personally! Write me at: or
P.O. Box 10622, Naples, Florida 34101 (SASE appreciated!). Send an SASE for a bookmark.

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