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Heather Graham
concludes her Civil War Florida
series with a TRIUMPH!

I have really enjoyed the books, and for the moment, theyve come to the endnaturally, however, I never say never.

(They could come to life again, just not for the moment.) In a way, Florida just begins to burst into life after the Civil Warand we do come into our own after air conditioning. I have to admit that there are days when I, who love the state, wonder how the early settlers endured the heat.

Triumph finishes out the War with the McKenzie family. The story concentrates on Tia McKenzie, pitting her against Taylor Douglas, a man with a background so similar to her own, that he is able to trace the path she is taking when others dont even begin to suspect that she
is moving in a given direction. Other characters, left in unsettled positions in previous books, become settled.

The Civil War remains my favorite time period of our history, for many reasons. As they were sometimes termed, many who fought in those days were the last cavaliersit was a time when men believed in God with a passion, and honor remained incredibly important in the lives of most men and women. Not that people have changed so muchmany fine young men and women are still out there fighting for what they believe. Technology, however, has changed the face of battle forever. Many of the historical characters from that period of history were, however, far more charismatic and courageous than any fictional people I could begin to create. I hope to do them all
justice in some way.

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