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Julia London

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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I will confess up front that I have made some boneheaded decisions in my life about jobs and men and more. But I always believed I was making the best decision based on what I knew at the time. The thing is, when I was younger, I didn’t know much. One might even go so far as to say I was (literally) a country bumpkin who (literally) went to town on a load of turkeys. Except in our case, it was cows. Or wheat. 

My life as a rancher’s daughter on the plains of West Texas did not exactly prepare me for a life of a writer living in a metropolitan area, but that didn’t deter me in the least. I have always gone after what I wanted and I’ve always believed in the power of my imagination. And I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons through my mistakes.

When I began thinking of a series about the Cabot sisters, of which The Trouble with Honor is the first installment, I thought, how interesting would it be to see young women coming at life from a totally different perspective. Young women born into the lap of luxury in Regency England, moving in the highest circles of society, trained from an early age to look good and be gracious … but not much more than that. What if those young women were challenged by the School of Hard Knocks? How would they react? What sort of decisions would they make having lived such sheltered lives?

Honor is the oldest of four Cabot sisters. Her stepfather the earl is dying, her mother is ailing and she has been in enough drawing rooms to know that her stepbrother’s fiancée will not want to share the family coffers with four girls who will all need dowries.  What would Honor do? I’ll tell you now that Honor makes some really bad decisions. But what I like about Honor is that she owns it.  She is very upfront about the fact that she has no money, no standing and no power. She knows that the only thing she has is her looks and cunning, and her desire to protect her family drives her to use it. She makes mistakes along the way, but she keeps going after what she wants from life. I hope you like Honor as much as I like her. Enjoy!

-Julia London

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