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Katie Lane

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Reader,

I have never been athletic. Besides being uncoordinated, I don’t enjoy sweating. Instead, like my librarian in Trouble in Texas, my idea of a sporting-good time is camping out in a hammock with a really good book. Which doesn’t explain how I ended up marrying a jock. Or why that same jock finally talked me into trying a sport.

I might’ve ignored my husband’s arguments if he’d wanted me to play baseball, tennis, or ice hockey. But how hard could it be to ride around in a cart and occasionally hit a ball with a club?

Unfortunately, hitting a two-inch golf ball with a three-inch clubface is harder than it looks. I probably would’ve given up after the first time I completely missed the ball and sent my club sailing through the air if I hadn’t already spent a fortune on the cute little skorts and matching golf shoes they sold in the pro shop. Not to mention, I’d made a bet with my husband (darn sneaky man). So I was stuck. Stuck in athletic hell.

Until ... the strangest thing happened. 

One day, during a lesson, this uncoordinated, sweating-like-a-pig author somehow hit the ball. There was a loud crack, and my golf ball shot through the air and landed right next to the 100-yard marker on the driving range. I don’t know who was more surprised—me or my instructor, who had grown so bored with my pathetic display he’d dozed off in the cart. 

I’d hit it! 

It didn’t matter that I’d been using a five wood or that my shot had sliced through the air in a lazy, backward C. 

I’d hit it!

Now, I’d love to tell you that after that inspirational moment I’ve become an amazing golfer, but that would be a slight exaggeration. (Okay, so it would be an out-and-out lie. Geez, you guys don’t let me get away with anything!) I do not play golf well. I don’t even play it good enough to move to the eighteen-hole course. But it doesn’t matter. I’m finally an athlete. A cart-driving, ball-hitting athlete who still refuses to play when it’s over eighty degrees.

I do not like to sweat! 


- Katie Lane            

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