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Stella Cameron

Book Title: TRUE BLISS
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

True Bliss

"You can never go back."

"That's water under the bridge."

"It was never meant to be."

Fatalistic clichs always make me feel creepy. Why are we supposed to have only one chance at something? Who thought up the idea that saying goodbye and never looking back makes us stronger?


That's what inspired True Bliss, my "who says so?" attitude toward people who put limits on what's possible. No one questions that hate can simmer for a lifetime. Love is so much stronger than hate. Love and romance are laughed at by those who are afraid tender emotions will make them weak. Quite to the contrary, loving and being loved make us powerful. Anything can happen if we love enough.

In True Bliss, Sebastian Plato and Bliss Winters met when they were both misfits in the same public high school. Bliss was the senator's daughter who wasn't allowed to fit in. Sebastian was a returning dropout with a bad reputation.

These two survivors from opposite worlds fell in love too soon, and against the wishes of people who would do anything-including murder-to keep them apart, people with enough power to get their own way.

From the first, Bliss and Sebastian's teenage struggle to be together made me their champion. I wanted them to win, and I loved them for their determination to love each other when all the odds were against them.

More than anything, True Bliss is about overcoming loneliness and learning to trust. It's the story of a love that even a separation of 15 years and lies couldn't kill-the story of a struggle too dangerous to lose. Only unshakable love can save Sebastian and Bliss, and such a love can only be built on a foundation of trust.

My stories embrace the good, the bad and the ugly. Add to that the funny, the sexy and the downright despicable! For me there is only one unshakable rule: evil loses, good wins. Everything else is, as they say, up for grabs.

We can take control of our lives and make the rules we live by. After 15 years of letting "water flow under the bridge," Sebastian and Bliss prove that sometimes, if we want something badly enough, we can go back and grab what was definitely meant to be: TRUE BLISS.

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