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Rachel Gibson

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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I confess. I read the tabloids, and not just as Im standing in line at
the grocery store. I buy them and read them in the bathtub. The cheesier, the better. I love to read about Bat Boy and Big Foot and about the 90-pound women who give birth to 30-pound babies. And I love the idea that the mothership came to take Elvis home.

I think tabloid journalists write some of the best fiction around, and I confess that while I love writing romance, Id also love to write alien abduction stories for the tabliods. In my latest book, I get to do both.

In TRUE CONFESSIONS, I created Hope Spencer, a Los Angeles reporter for The Weekly News of The Universe. Hope is famous for her alien abduction
and magical leprechaun stories. When circumstances spin out of Hopes control, she is forced to flee the big city and hide out in a small town located in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

All she wants is to relax and regroup, but what she soon discovers is that life in the small town is stranger than even tabloid fiction. She also discovers sexy cowboy Dylan Taber.

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Hope found a blue plastic basket next to the cash register and hung it from her arm. She made a quick scan of the newspaper and magazine rack. The National Enquirer, The Globe, and Hopes biggest competition, the Weekly World News were all stuck beside The Weekly News of the Universe.

The hardwood floor creaked beneath her feet as she made her way through the cereal and crackers aisles toward the refrigeration section. She opened the door to the glass case and reached for a bottle of grape-kiwi, but she decided at the last moment she wasnt in the mood, and grabbed cranapple instead.

Id have gone with the grape-kiwi, drawled a now familiar voice from behind her.

Startled, Hope turned and the glass door slammed. Her basket swung and bumped her hip. Of course, grape-kiwi might be a bit wild for this time of morning, the sheriff said. He wasnt wearing his black Stetson today. Hed replaced it with a battered straw cowboy hat that had a band made of snake skin. A shadow from the brim fell across his face.

Youre up pretty early.

Ive got a lot to do today, Sheriff Taber.

He opened the glass door and forced her to take a few steps back. Dylan, he said as he grabbed two pint-size cartons of chocolate milk and shoved them beneath one arm. He looked very little like the lawman of the previous day. His blue T-shirt was old and slightly wrinkled and tucked into a pair of Levis so faded that only the seams gave a hint of the original color. The glass door fogged except where it pressed against the back of his broad shoulders and his behind. His back pocket was torn and an edge of his wallet poked out.

He turned and the glass door closed behind him. Here. With his free hand, he held out a bottle of passion fruit. This is my favorite.

She reached for it, but he didnt let go. Instead he moved closer until he stood just a few inches from her. Do you like passion fruit, Ms. Spencer?

Her finger brushed his thumb, and she looked up from their hands to his deep green eyes gazing at her from beneath the brim of his battered straw hat. She wasnt a silly country girl who got all flattered and tongue-tied over a sexy as hell cowboy in a pair of jeans worn thin in interesting places. It might be a bit early in the day for passion fruit, Sheriff.

Dylan, he corrected her as a slow easy smile curved his lips. And, honey, its never too early for passion fruit.

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