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Q&A with Veronica Sattler

Im Still Standing

by Lauren Spielberg

Veronica Sattler still remembers driving her daughter home from day care, classical music gently playing in the background, conjuring up stories about a young princess named Alyssa, her own daughters name

Little did she know her idle daydream would be the making of a flourishing career. Veronicas first historical novel, Christies Rapture, was proclaimed the Best Historical Romance By a New Author by RTs Kathe Robin in 1982, despite that the unedited manuscript had been published by mistakethe edited version was accidentally thrown away! Almost 20 years later, with great stories like Gabrielle and Jesses Lady under her belt, shes back with Kensington. Now, after surviving breast cancer, her fathers death and a house fire that took the lives of her three beloved cats, Veronica is back with a new novel, A TRUE PRINCE, featuring a feisty heroine, a beguiling hero and an intricate plot. Below, read about Veronicas dazzling outlook on life, love and labors!

Q: With the tragedies youve suffered over a short three-year span of time, what do you turn to for inspiration?

Im a survivor whos a romantic at heart. And although my religious beliefs are still evolving, I do have faith in God. I have three children, two sons and a daughter (a lawyer, a public relations director/writer, and a college student), and I was determined to be there for them. Ive learned that breast cancer isnt a death sentence. I was scared, yes. But with Gods help, Im here to talk about it. For me, the glass is never half-empty; its half-full! For instance, when my house burned down, I lost all of my personal copies of my novels. Yet, every Mothers Day or on my birthday, etc., my children peruse old and used books shops to buy me my own books as presents! Now, isnt that inspiring?

Q: While completing A TRUE PRINCE, did you find the tragedies in your real life pervading this story of a girl trying to take over the place of her dead twin brother?

Not really. When I sold the idea to my publisher, the story was well-fleshed out already. What it did do, however, was inform the writing of my next book, ONCE A PRINCESS, which will be released Sep. 01. There, the heroine blossoms into a strong young woman after a childhood spent believing she is an ugly duckling.

Q: What drives you to write such resilient female characters?

Theyre a must for one of my favorite thematic elements: the battle of the sexes. In A TRUE PRINCE, Marisa Lancet cant help locking horns with a prince who appears to be a weakling and a fop! (Of course, hes merely pretending, but she doesnt know this.) Raised in a motherless childhood, losing her beloved twin Mark, Marisa has spent her life trying to please her father, a stern, military man. Shes spent every waking moment trying
to take Marks place. Indeed, she despises the fact that she was born a woman.

Prince Deverell, meanwhile, has nothing but scorn for a female who is not womanly! Actually, I agree with himmy own motto is stated in the lyrics of a Broadway songI Enjoy Being A Girl, from Flower Drum Song. In other words, I adore my femininity. I love make-up, perfume, high heels, silks and laces, etc. Ive lived through the feminist movement of the 70s, but I never let it govern my feminine side. Although there are still equality issues today, the possibilities for womanly women in the 21st century are so exciting, its a great time to enjoy being a girl!

Q: Which characters do you find memorable in other authors novels?

The first romance I ever read was Kathleen Woodiwiss The Flame And The Flower.,/i> Although I loved this novel, I found The Wolf And The Dove gave us a stronger heroine. Aislinn gets her way because of her wisdom, inner peace and her ability toneed I say it?survive. Other great heroines I found in books by Penelope Williamson, Elizabeth Lowell, Bertrice Small and Linda Howard. RT reviewer Kathe Robin recently turned me onto Stephanie Laurens, who writes terrific sensual novels (sensuality is VERY important to mein life as well as in books).

Q: What can you tell us about your hero, Prince Deverell of Baravia? Does saving his fathers throne involve humor?

Prince Deverell has been in England, training to become king. When his father sends for him, it seems the prince prefers wine, women and song to his royal duty. The king is appalled by his sons foppish behavior and this is where the humor quotient comes in. The king writes a letter to Wellington asking the famous military leader to help make his son a man. Wellington agrees, but insists the king must send the prince to him (in the Peninsula) with a protective escort. And who turns out to be the princes bodyguard? Why, our heroine, of course! And do they ever tangle en route!

Q: What would you like your readers to take away with them after reading your books?

Im optimistic my readers will walk away with a sense of how important love is in our lives. I define a romance as a fairytale for adults, so the idea of a forever love is part and parcel of my romantic storytelling; or soul mates inevitably finding each other; or an impossible love becoming possible against overwhelming odds. Consider my book The Bargain (an RT 200 Best in issue #200). In it I wrote a Cinderella tale set in Regency England, but when the story opens, we find my heroine in an unlikely venuea brothel! As I said, against overwhelming odds.

Q: Whats in store for Veronica Sattler fans?

In addition to ONCE A PRINCESS coming out next year, a third novel for Kensington (working title: THE SUMMONING) is slated
for Sep. 02.

Veronica LOVES to hear from readers! Write to her at RR 2, Bernville, PA 19506 or e-mail her at, veronicasattler

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