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Dee Henderson

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational

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Welcome to the hugely popular OMalley series. Lisa OMalley and Quinn Diamond from The Guardian are back in a fast moving, romantic thriller. I chose the title The Truth Seeker because in this story discovering the truth about each other is as crucial to a happy ending as discovering the truth about the crimes they are investigating.

Women are turning up dead. For Lisa OMalley, forensic pathologist, mysteries are her domain. Shes after the elusive traces of a killer. U.S. Marshal Quinn Diamond is also searching, determined to find the man who shot his father two decades ago. The two are on a collision course with the same man. U.S. Marshal Quinn Diamond has found loving Lisa is easier than keeping her safe. Lisas found the killer, and now shes missing too

Lisa OMalley came out of a rough childhood, asking for no help and plenty capable on her own. Now, though, years of working the crime scenes in Chicago are failing to pay off, as Lisa reaches one dead end after another. When Quinn comes on the scene, he is looking for her help with one of his own cases. He never planned to put her in danger. And she certainly didnt expect him to invade her heartor his God to change her life. Her journey toward faith is a fascinating look at how a forensic pathologist views the Resurrection. While Lisa understands death and darkness all too well, shes about to discover love and new life.

Lisa and Quinn are, by far, my most fascinating couple. I didnt know Marcus partner Quinn existed until I started The Guardian and he walked on stage. Quinn and Lisa have been circling around a relationship for a while, and the inevitability of this moment has only made this story that much sweeter.

Im delighted with the fact the series is picking up honors from fans and critics alike. Danger in the Shadows, prequel to the series, won the prestigious RITA Award, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers Best Award. The Negotiator (the first in the OMalley series) is a finalist for the RITA award and has been nominated by RT for Best Inspirational of the Year. The Guardian (the second in the OMalley series) debuted on the CBA Bestseller list at no. 16.

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Lisa was sitting on the side step of the fire engine, silent, one tennis shoe off as shed stepped on a hot ember and burnt the sole, her sock foot moving slowly back and forth in the soot blackened water rushing down the street toward the nearest storm drain, her gaze never leaving the dying fire. Her brother had wrapped a fire coat around her and she had it gripped with both hands, pulled tight.

Quinn kept a close watch on her as he stood leaning against the driver door of a squad car, waiting for a call back from the dispatcher. She was alone in her grief, her emotions hidden, her eyes dry. Shed lost what shed valued; and he hated to realize how much it had to resonate with her past.

Kate sat down beside her. Quinn watched as the two sisters sat in silence, and he prayed for Kate, that she would have the right words to say. Instead, Kate remained silent. And Lisa leaned her head over against Kates shoulder and continued to watch the fire burn, the silence unbroken. Friends. Deep, lifelong friends.

Quinn had to turn away from the sight, so much emotion inside it was going to rupture out in tears or fury. He found himself facing her brother.

Get her out of here.

Marcus was right. The ranch. Shes going to need the space. Ill keep her safe; now that its too late.

Quinnwell find him.

That wasnt even a question. He was going to hunt the guy down and rip out his heart.

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