Message From The Author

Virna DePaul

Book Title: TURNED
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

I’m not as nostalgic as my husband. He’s all about eighties music and “friending” people he knew in elementary school. I’m more grounded in the here and now. Still, I was a little horrified when I discovered my kids had no idea what Gilligan’s Island or the Flintstones were. Some things are sacred! For me, one of those things is the TV show Charlie’s Angels. As a kid, I loved following the adventures of these beautiful, smart, strong women, women who I always believed would make great romance heroines.

When it came time for me to brainstorm a new paranormal romantic suspense series, I decided I wanted to do something “the same but different.” Why not a Charlie’s Angel-esque team of female spies with vampire elements? I loved the idea of contrasting beauty with darkness, strength with softness. The result is the Belladonna Agency Series, which launches with Turned on April 1, 2014.

“Some flowers thrive better in the dark.”

The Belladonna plant flourishes in the shade. The berries are full of a dark, inky juice and are intensely sweet. The berries are also poisonous.

So, too, are my heroines — beautiful, dark … deadly.  Deadly out of necessity, but still yearning for love, just like the heroes, both vampire and human, who will help them fulfill their potential.

In Belladonna, four human women are brought together for one common purpose — stopping vampire criminals. No one is more surprised by the agency’s offer than the women themselves, but it’s their seeming unsuitability for the job that gives them their greatest advantage. Of the four, three have criminal records. The fourth is a damaged cop unwilling to face her past. Many underestimate them. Others dismiss them. Once united, the women with the tragic pasts become a force to be reckoned with. 

To complete their missions, however, the women must overcome their fears and the ghosts that still haunt them. In the end, four women who started out alone will become sisters and friends, will acts as hunters and hunted, and will be challenged by both lovers and foes.

A mysterious woman will bring them together. Four men will help them achieve their potential. Each of them will learn not just to survive in the darkness, but also thrive in it. 

I hope you enjoy my new series. Wishing you much love and happiness always!

-Virna DePaul

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