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Jennifer Armintrout

Genre: Vampire, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Grandma's Girl


Sometimes it pays to listen to grandma. Just ask Jennifer Armintrout. The twenty-something mother of now
3-year-old Christian was a stay-at-home mom when her grandmother, Peggy Hanchar, suggested she write a book. Jennifer was surprised by the idea, but Hanchar knows talent when she sees it; after all, she's written several books herself, all romances, some under her own name, others using the pen names Peggy Roberts and Jennifer Stevens.

Thankfully, Armintrout took the advice to heart because readers will be drawn to her debut Blood Ties: The Turning, the first in a trilogy from Mira featuring newly made vampire Dr. Carrie Ames and hunky vampire Nathan Grant, a member
of the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement. Yup, Grant's a vampire and vampire hunter (a contradiction that works) and he gives Carrie a choice: join the movement and rid the world of evil vamps or die.

"I used to work at a hospital, in the intensive care unit. I was an orderly and had to take people down to the morgue when they passed away," says Armintrout. "I have an overactive imagination" and, with the empty halls,
"I wondered what would happen if one
of the cadavers got up and attacked me."

While vampires are hot in fiction right now, Armintrout notes that genre fans will find something different in her books. "It's not the same old vampire thing. I'm young, and so I write with a very young tone. If someone's expecting Dark Shadows, they may be disappointed to get Buffy the Vampire Slayer," she says, referencing two cult TV faves.

Armintrout had originally set out to write romances, but "I was told by all my friends I'm not good at it," she recounts, adding, "it's my true ambition."
And she's bound to get some advice in that area from her grandmother, who after a 10-year hiatus is writing again. "She's really happy and she wants to give me all this advice, but then she says, 'But things have probably changed.' ... We're in the same Romance Writers of America chapter and we critique each other. It's really great."

For now, readers can enjoy The Turning and wait (impatiently) for its sequel, Possession, due out early next year.

-- Faygie Levy

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