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Francis Ray

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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THE TURNING POINT, my single-title mainstream from St. Martins Press,
is a story of hope and triumph, of self-discovery and second chances.
The premise for the story evolved after I was faced with the possibility of permanent blindness, just as the hero, Dr. Adam Wakefield, faces in THE TURNING POINT. Like Adam, I took my sight for granted. The heroine, Lilly Crawford, is the complete opposite of Adam. A hard life, and a harder man has left her unsure of herself, nearly broke, and floundering. Together, Lilly and Adam fight to turn their lives around

Adam stopped but didnt say anything, just slanted his head down toward her. Knowing he couldnt see her behind his shades didnt lessen his power to intimidate. Lilly could well imagine he had been a formidable man before his accident.

I have no place else to go if I lose this job, she told him, unsure if she should have admitted how vulnerable she was.

His dark head twisted to one side. My mother hired a homeless woman?

Lilly shifted uneasily. Not exactly. I was passing through on my way to New Orleans. My car broke down near here. She needed someone immediately and I needed a job.



Two lost souls thrust together. Nothing. Go fix my breakfast.

Yes, sir.

She was as skittish as a foal, and probably had legs just as long from the sound of her running steps. For a moment, Adam recalled nurses and interns scurrying the same way to carry out his orders. They would again.

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